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One by one start up! Explore our first 'no season' style, now in stock..

We believe in personal style, in buying less but better. We create timeless fashion items to compliment your style, items you can wear and cherish year after year.

Nina says: Confidence is the most beautiful 'something' a woman can wear. In my experience, your style is part of your confidence so building your wardrobe slowly with pieces you love to wear and that make you feel good is very rewarding.  

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We are looking for a few select retailers to develop long term relationships with, so if you are a buyer and would like to hear more please get in touch to receive our lookbook with more styles.

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The boots are made from all Italian materials by all Italian artisans.

Velvet boots with embroidery anglaise details, leather lining, soft padding on the in-sole and the out-sole is made of leather with rubber injected front. 

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